Monday, July 21, 2008

Irrigation irritation.....

Adam finished the final details on the irrigation system this last weekend. It works great……well, it will when he adjusts the timer again. It came on at the proper time this morning, but once it finished its cycle it started all over again. So I figured I better shut the damn thing off or it was going to water all day long. Not good. A minor wrinkle easily ironed out. Oh, that reminds me that I need to pick up my dry-cleaning tomorrow. Good to know. Anyway, I am rather proud of him having put the whole thing in by his little self……although I am not proud of the bill. Let’s just say he would make a seriously shitty contractor. I was told one figure…….double + that figure two weeks later we have a system in place. Although I suppose that might actually make him an excellent contractor depending on how you look at it.

I worked my butt off cleaning the house for several hours and then spending 2 more hours on “doggie day of beauty.” Gizmo was filthy! She really needed the bath and the feet trimming. She is usually really very cooperative during the whole process, but not this weekend for some reason. She fought me tooth and nail the entire time. It was beyond frustrating, but it was ultimately worth it for both of us in the end.

It looks as though we are going to get a reprieve from the bright sunny weather tomorrow. That means I will probably have to schlep an umbrella around with me since I will be meandering downtown in a tie. No self-respecting Seattleite should have to carry around an umbrella… makes you look like a tourist. Very amateur. And my boss will be with me tomorrow at least for part of the day. She occasionally goes on joint calls with each of the reps which means she has to travel up and down the west coast between Seattle and Northern California. I am a little nervous about it only because I am giving my first full product presentation to one of my customers. I am sure it will not be the most eloquent presentation ever given, but I still have a long way to go. Not to worry……..time and practice will make it all come together.

Off to brush my teeth and get ready for bed.

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stephanie (bad mom) said...

Shut up about the umbrella - it's what smart people do.

And I am proud of Adam, too; I hate dirt & dirt-related jobs...I'm sure you'll find some way of having him pay off the inflated figure. [I'm not asking for details, just saying]

Welcome to Blogdom again! I will post a grand link to you in the next few days so get some stuff up :D