Monday, July 28, 2008

Dog's Barking.......Can't Fly Without Umbrella.

If you haven’t seen Jumping Jack Flash (yes, the movie with Whoopi Goldberg) you won’t understand the title of this blog. I think that movie is hilarious, so many one-liners. Um, actually I should say it’s a gas, gas, gas………..don’t tell me you didn’t see that coming.

Anyway, we seemed to have gotten past the barking issues in the neighborhood. We have a new neighbor, a renter, who is perfectly sweet and actually has cleaned up the yard since she moved in. She has a dog of her own and a “loaner” dog that she is watching for a friend of hers. In the last couple of weeks she has left the house early and come home very late and left both dogs outside the entire time. The “loaner” dog is quite the offending barker. It barks at the cats, and the squirrels, and the trees, and the birds and the air and anything that moves past it. It actually got so bad on several occasions (starting reportedly before 6:00am and not ending until after 11:00pm sometime) that the entire development began buzzing about the barking. I felt kind of bad for the new neighbor because I had a feeling she didn’t even have a clue about it. How could she if she isn’t around to hear it? Whenever she is home, the dogs are inside. I made the attempt to talk with her myself but the couple of times I went to talk to her she had disappeared again. She is a busy gal. But nonetheless someone got to speak with her and fill her in on the situation. It seems as though the barking has come to a close. Thank God! I had to sleep in the back bedroom a couple of times just because it got so frickin’ bad. Now it seems that all is well…… least for now…..I am sure someone else in the neighborhood will fuck it up for everyone, although apparently Home Depot has changed their evil ways. I ran into a neighbor at the grocery store the other day and he said he spoke with one of the Managers at Home Depot in passing and they seem to have heard our cries to shut the hell up at 3:00am. Not that the City of Seattle has been useful or any proper chain of complaints has done the trick. It has taken a couple of years for them to finally get their shit together. I am not sure what did it, but something got through to them. It is about damned time.

So with peace restored (in the middle of the night at least) to our little group of homes it has been quite enjoyable around here. The sun has been out. We planted a few more flowers out front. We have been able to enjoy our nice back patio and take advantage of all the work done over the last couple of years. Very nice indeed.

Work has been very productive and kind of an adventure each and every day. I ended up not having to schlep an umbrella with me last week on my days out in Downtown. Whew! And it is a good thing, too, because my hands were full as it were. I find that I am toting more around with me everyday. It is good exercise though.

And since we are leaving in a week……7 days from today!.......Adam and I got a little motivated last weekend to get a few things done. We organized our laundry/storage area and got rid of a bunch of stuff we either never use or just shouldn’t have to begin with. We have a nice fat donation pile all ready to go. Additionally, my nephew will be getting a free desk and computer once we get that torn down so we can actually have our dining area back to use as an actual dining area! Unheard of! One of our neighbors is moving in September so she is going to donate her bar stools to us. That will be nice. Getting rid of that big fat table at the bar area is going to free up some space in our living room, too. I can feel how things are starting to come together. It feels pretty good.

This is rather a boring as hell blog, isn’t it? Hmmmmmm. I don’t quite know where it came from, and I can’t say it is really anything prophetic on the page by any means, but it needed to make its way out I guess.

Well, as I don’t have one solid piece of entertaining news to report I will just bring this to a close for now. Have a great day!


stephanie (bad mom) said...

You'll probably bust a blood vessel (and immediately send me the DVD you undoubtedly have), but I have never seen "Jumpin Jack Flash." I know, I'm a loser.

We should swap stories about neighborhood noise & strangeness someday. Isn't it fun being bourgeois?

junexxxbug said...

LOL that's my favorite movie.